Liston Village Tea HOUSE

This charming Tea House is run by Chitra who makes good coffee and scones and other nice things. A drive along this scenic back road (Undercliffe) allows you to take in the ambience of one small country village after another.

Bald Rock National Park

Go on a serious hike through this 3.2 km loop at Bald Rock (Jukambal – means ‘big rock’ in Aboriginal language). Climb to the summit (1280m) and enjoy unparalleled views across the countryside from this massive rock formation that dates back to the Triassic period. Winter and Autumn are the best times for viewing, when the air is fresh and crisp. The park itself is a natural wonderland of ancient forests and wild life. Facilities include picnic and camping areas north of the rock. Tables, cooking galley, pit toilets, BBQ facilities and more.

Boonoo Boonoo Falls

Within the Boonoo Boonoo National Park is the stunningly beautiful BB waterfall. Pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery or hike along the tracks and camping areas and take a dip in the many secluded swimming holes.


A town that still gives one a sense of a bygone era, Tenterfield was first home to the Jukambal people and has much to offer tourists. Aside from the many boutiques and places to eat, there is the Sir Henry Parkes School of Arts Museum, The Railway Museum for rail enthusiasts, the Centenary Cottage, and the Mount Mackenzie Drive, where you can observe Little Bald Rock and other Granite Country formations. Download the Soundtrails app, pack a picnic and from the top or in the beautiful parks that surround the town, listen to stories of a different time in the history of this small town.

Undercliffe Falls

Located a short distance from the town of Liston, these falls are popular with campers and hikers. It is estimated to be between 140m and 160m high. Stop at the Lavender farm for tea and lavender products or at the Liston Tea House which is open on weekends. The Liston Hall is open on some Fridays when the bar is open. A BBQ dinner is also available.

Thunderbolts Hideout

On the Mount Lindsay Road, just on the outskirts of Tenterfield, there is a bygone era waiting to be discovered by the curious tourist. A short walk (150m) from where you park your car beside the road will bring you to Captain Thunderbolt’s camp and hideout. Here you can imagine a time of outlaws and a way of life that is now committed to the annals of history as you contemplate the life of Australia’s longest roaming bushranger.

Girraween National Park

This ‘place of flowers’ located on the Queensland-New South Wales border is another beautiful park in the area, accessed from Tenterfield/Stanthorpe and from Stonepine Ridge via the scenic Amosfield road at Willsons Downfall, turning left on the Eukey road. There are as many kangaroos as you could wish to see and other wildlife in serene countryside. Many park facilities are available as well as many beautiful areas in which to spread a blanket to enjoy a picnic.


Originally home to the Kambuwal, an Indigenous people, this rural Queensland town is larger than Tenterfield and is as steeped in history as its southern neighbour. The museum at the northern end of town is worth a visit. Here you will learn much about the history of tin mining and how the town became a fruit and wine growing region that celebrates its harvest every two years. A town where soldier settlers came to after the war, with a large Italian influence, Stanthorpe is also home to several art galleries and street art can be seen in and around the piazza area and in other parts of town. Known for its many wineries that extend further south to Glen Aplin and Ballandean, Stanthorpe is the food and wine capital of southern Queensland.

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